Orfund is a small Christian charity based in Poole. It was set up in 1984 to provide finance to help meet the needs of children and young people who have no parents - or only one parent or relative who is unable to care for them. It does this by working with partners who look after, or educate children with the money which Orfund raises on their behalf. Originally this was with partners in India and Malawi but from 1st April 2015 Orfund now works exclusively with partners in Malawi.

Orfund currently supports up to 30 children who live at the Molima Family Home which is in Dedza in southern Malawi. We are also supporting two former residents who are undertaking apprenticeships in mechanics. We also support local schools in Dedza as we believe it is important that children are able to acquire the skills they need to be able to manage independently as adults.

                            Our support for them encourages

                                  them to support each other

Orfund provides the money to cover the cost of looking after the children at Molima. We also pay for their schooling and the college fees of any of the young people who are in further education. There is however so much more that we could do to improve the health, well-being and life opportunities of the children. We have money set aside for improvements and new developments but we need more donations from sponsors to be able to support these year on year.

                               Children at Molima Family Home

At the moment we are able to spend up to £20 per month supporting each child which ensures that they can be looked after. There is however so much more that we can do to improve the health and well-being of children in Dedza. We need more sponsors and more donations if we are to provide all that we feel the children need to enjoy good health and a reasonable quality of life. 

We welcome financial sponsorship in many different ways. Regular monthly donations; one-off gifts; the proceeds from fund-raising events; and legacies. You can choose to  sponsor a child, or a home or simply contribute to the general fund. Every penny counts. For more details about sponsoring or donating please see our "How to Support Orfund Page" or if you've already decided that you would like to support our work by making a donation or setting up a regular Standing Order you can access our form if you Click Here

                                             You can make a difference......

                        to him and so many other children just like him


Orfund may be a small charity but we believe we can achieve a great deal particularly by working in partnership with other organisations which have similar values and objectives as us. We have recently established links with another UK charity, the Norwich-Dedza Partnership, which is happy to work with us to improve educational opportunities for the children in Dedza. We have also linked up with an evangelical group in Washington DC which is keen to work with us to improve the facilities at Molima and what we can provide for the children living there. 

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­­               Orfund is a registered UK charity. Charity Commission No. 289546

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