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What We Do

Orfund is a charity based in Poole, Dorset helping to meet the needs of children and young people in Dedza in southern Malawi who have no parents - or only one parent or relative who is unable to care for them through poor health or age.

Orfund currently supports 30 children who live at, or receive support from the Molima Family Home. We pay for the course and accommodation for two former residents who are undertaking apprenticeships in mechanics in the capital, Lilongwe about 50 miles away. Another young person is just about to start a two and a half year course for which we will pay about £1800.

We would like to give more support to the two local primary schools attended by children from Molima, because it's so important that children acquire the education and skills they need to be able to have a future and live independently as adults.

We are grateful to all those who partner with us through sponsoring a child, regular donations or one-off gifts. You enable us to meet our commitment to support the needs of Molima and all the children for whom this is home. Each month we make sure there are sufficient funds for the 30 children who live at Molima to have food, clothing, bedding, toiletries, running water, education and training, visits by a nurse and so on.

Their expectations and lifestyle are so simple and humbling compared with advantages we have in the UK. Orfund also provides sufficient funds to employ a minimal number of care staff who support Isaac Banda and his family.

Orfund - Isaac and Ruth Banda

Isaac and Ruth Banda have devoted the last 17 years to looking after children. They extended their family home and, as Christians, have given up their lives to care for children and young people who have nowhere else to go.

Isaac and Ruth have always been well respected both in Dedza and by the chiefs in the villages.

They have established close links with the schools and with the Dedza Social Welfare Department who make regular visits to the home to ensure that the environment and care is of a good standard.

Social Welfare also approve the new admissions of children to the home to ensure that Molima cares for those in greatest need. We have direct links with Social Welfare and the Education Department when necessary to satisfy ourselves that what Orfund does is appropriate.

Who We Are

Orfund was founded about 35 years ago to fund two homes in India and more recently, one in Malawi. Circumstances of the homes in India changed and in 2014, a new team of trustees took over Orfund and decided to focus solely on Malawi which is currently the third poorest country in the world.

The trustees run Orfund from their own homes and are unpaid. We decided that we could do the work required without the support of a paid administrator or office base. This means that our are very low and cover occasional printing, postage, auditing of accounts, bank charges and telephone calls to Malawi. The only other significant non-care expenditure is the annual cost of travel to Dedza by a trustee or sponsor to support the people running Molima, to gain first hand information and to ensure the children are safe and well.

The trustees have a useful wealth of relevant experience to draw upon from their working careers.

Orfund - Graham Young, Chairman

Graham Young - Chairman

Former Headteacher

Orfund - Jackie Last

Jackie Last

Former Head of Children & Family Services

Orfund - David Joannides

David Joannides

Former Director of Social Services

Orfund - Wendy Stuart

Wendy Stuart

Education/Social Care Administrator

Molima Family Home

Orfund has been supporting the Molima Family Home since 2000 when the first five children were admitted. Since then we have helped Molima to expand its facilities.

There are currently 25 children aged between 7 and 19 being looked after there. Of these, 15 are girls and 10 are boys. They all attend local primary or secondary schools in Dedza.

There are 2 other girls from local villages who receive day care – this is probably the only way they receive a good meal and healthcare. We are also supporting 3 former residents with their apprenticeships and living costs.

Orfund - Molima Family Home, Dedza, Malawi
Orfund - Molima Family Home, Dedza, Malawi
Orfund - Molima Family Home, Dedza, Malawi

About Malawi

Malawi is a land-locked country in south east Africa. It is the third poorest country in the world and it’s been having a very tough time in the last couple of years.

Floods and droughts have caused great disruption to agriculture which has led to huge rises in the cost of food. Nearly half the populations are facing food shortages and poverty. Most Malawians are subsistence farmers and their crops and livelihoods have gone.

The country also suffers from an HIV/AIDS epidemic which has struck southern and central African countries so severely. Over 90,000 people in Malawi live with HIV/AIDS – more than one in ten adults are infected. This and associated diseases, e.g. dysentery has affected many of the parents of the children in Molima.

Social Welfare report that in the Dedza region there are at least 1000 children and young people with only one or no parent. Only 1 in 10 children in Malawi attend school so we’re delighted to be able to provide an education for all the children who live at Molima.

1 in 14 children die before reaching the age of 5
23% of child deaths are caused by malnutrition
83,000 children are affected by HIV/AIDS


Orfund may be a small charity but we believe we can have a great impact particularly by working in partnership with other organisations which have similar values and objectives as us.

We have recently established links with another UK charity, the Norwich-Dedza Partnership who work to improve educational, IT and health opportunities for children and young people in Dedza. They have freely shared their experiences of working with different organisations in Dedza and Malawi.