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Secure the future of a child

You truly can make a difference to a child’s life and secure a future for them at Molima Family Home through monthly sponsorship from just £25 per month.

It costs at least £25 per month to provide care for an individual child at the Molima Family Home. Food costs have increased significantly and inflation is currently running at 25% in Malawi with a national shortage of maize, resulting in a major price increase for each bag.

At the beginning of 2017, there are 6 young people aged 16 and over. Their futures beyond Molima present an imminent need and challenge as we don’t give up on young people when they are old enough to leave Molima. We support the home to help the family find apprenticeships and accommodation for young people. It is the only way they can be sure of a secure future in Malawi.

Your sponsored child receives:

  • Care and accommodation
  • All meals
  • Access to clean water
  • Access to education
  • Healthcare
  • Clothing

We produce an annual letter for sponsors and donors which we can send electronically or by post, and can be accessed on our website. The IT and telephone communication network in Malawi is variable and intermittent, therefore it can be a huge challenge!

As only one child speaks English, we have to rely on the family for specific news about individual children. Our last sponsor visit in 2016 confirmed that the children and young people are happy and well cared for.