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We’re a small charity with big plans for the Dedza community. We’d love you to join with us as we make some big projects happen with your donations.

Orfund - New classrooms at Dedza Primary School

New Classrooms

We've provided over £15,000 to build two new classrooms at Dedza Primary School, which 15 of the children at Molima attend. This will reduce class sizes from 100 to 50. But we also need to provide the money for desks, chairs and teaching materials.

Orfund - Molima Family Home water supply

Water supply

Molima only has one tap and for 30 children and adults. The existing well needs to be deepened and a better pumping system with new pipework needs to be installed to improve facilties for washing, cooking and sanitation.

Orfund - Milles Mashani

Prosthesis for Milles Mashani

15 year old Milles lost her hand and lower arm in a fire in her grandmother's hut when she was very young.

We have paid for an operation to tidy her stump but when she is fully grown, she will need a prosthetic lower arm and hand to help her become independent as an adult and make the most of the opportunities we can give her.

Orfund - Molima Family Home Motorbike


We have been able to provide Molima with bicycles and a motorbike, providing essential medical and food transportation.

However, a car would be much better and far more practical especially now that Isaac is no longer with us and the children will be more reliant on Ruth and his daughters to look after them and run the home.

Solar Panels

Power cuts frequently occur and although Molima has its own generator, it's barely adequate to meet the needs of the home.

Solar panels would provide a much more reliable and cost effective means of providing power to the home throughout the day and night, particularly in the rainy season when the children's clothes need to be dried every day on their return from school.