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Some of our supporters asked if they could make donations to the general fund rather than sponsoring an individual child.

We use this to send money each month to Molima to cover the costs of running the home and also to support projects in local schools that the children attend.

Recently Funded Activities

  • Health care and a prosthetic arm for a teenage girl who had lost part of her arm following a fire. She was thrilled to receive her ‘new’ arm.
  • Solar panels to provide light and heating 24 hours a day
  • New beds and bedding
  • Mosquito nets and mosquito spray
  • School uniforms and school fees
  • Painting and repairs to Molima Family Home
  • Drilling and pipe work to improve water supply
  • Two new classrooms and furniture for Dedza LEA school
  • Christmas party and gifts for the children
  • New kitchen and drying room
  • Water pump to enable a deeper bore hole to reach water after the drought
  • Bicycles for those children who can reach their school in this way

There is so much more we could do with your help. For example:

  • Further improvements to the water supply from the well with an electric submersible pump to help when water levels are low due to drought
  • New kitchen stove and kitchen equipment
  • Continue to improve the living accommodation and play facilities for the children and young people
  • See more young people leave Molima with training and work opportunities which will secure their futures
  • Provide a small vehicle to get the children to schools at a distance (a particular problem in the rainy season) and to hospital when they’re unwell. It would also help the family to get all the supplies of food for the home