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We’re a small charity with big plans for the Dedza community. We’d love you to join with us as we make some big projects happen with your donations.

Orfund - New classrooms at Dedza Primary School

New classrooms

We've provided over £15,000 to build two new classrooms at Dedza Primary School, which 17 of the children at Molima attend. This has reduced class sizes from 100 to 60. We would like to do more for the schools attended by children from Molima Family Home.

Orfund - Molima Family Home water supply

Water supply

Molima only has one tap and for all the children and adults. The existing well has been deepened with new pipework installed to improve facilties but a bigger electric submersible pump is needed when water levels are very low following periods of drought.

Orfund - College and training

College and training opportunities

Young people at Molima need to be given the best chance to have a secure future during which they will be able to support themselves with work and accommodation.

We want to give them the chance to go to college or be trained as an apprentice so they can fulfil their dreams.

Orfund - Molima Family Home Motorbike


We have been able to provide Molima with bicycles and a motorbike, but a car would be better and practical for school and hospital transport and for supplies for the home.

We will need to support them in keeping a car maintained, taxed and insured.

Orfund - Molima Family Home kitchen


Further improvements to the living accommodation for the children and some new kitchen equipment – including a new stove and more cooking utensils are needed.